A Look at Some of our Fairytales

History. As I See It.

Theme: Lineage

What: When a 28-year-old Emirati woman lost her father in a tragic accident, she realised there was so much she never knew about him. Thus was born the desire to discover her precious past; her roots; the origins of where she came of; the truth of who she is. From interviews with her mother, grandparents, and relatives, comes this tale of heritage and history. The Fairytale that began with the loss of life, eventually culminated in the discovery of so many other lives. Lives that will be immortalised for the future generations.

Why: Who we are is ultimately the product of who we belong to.

Who were our ancestors? Why do we smile the way we do? Why do we look so different from our siblings? A book detailing your genealogy and lineage may just give you the answers to all those questions and more. Perhaps there are stories your grandparents know that would astound you, give you an insight more valuable than any sum of money. Stories from the last living members of one generation, written and preserved, for generations that have yet to come.

* Size: A4 vertical
* Number of pages: 200 pages
* Number of words: 15,000
* Cover material: Hard-back cover
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Vertical; Plexiglas

Sailing Around The World

Theme: Wedding

What: A German businessman and his Romanian lady love plan the wedding of their dreams in Sailing Around The World. This Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ was made as a wedding gift to the couple, who plan to someday pass it on to their daughter.

Why: Wedding fairy tales are amongst our most popular. Science has long proven that memory fades. Events that were once top of the priority list, lay largely forgotten in the recesses of our mind. Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ offers the never-before opportunity, through a personalised story book, to relive, over and again, moments that now lie buried in the glorious past.

* Size: A4 horizontal
* Number of pages: 120 pages
* Number of words: 9,000
* Cover material: Acrylic Glass
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Horizontal; Plexiglas

The Pilgrimage

Theme: Memoir

What: The Pilgrimage tells the story of one family’s journey across land and sea to say goodbye to their father/grandfather/great-grandfather. It’s a Fairytale to be passed on from one generation to the next, immortalising the man it is about.

Muby Astruc played a fly on the family’s wall, detailing their journey where possible, and giving them their space when needed. She helped her clients transform their most personal feelings into a legendary Fairytale.

Why: When a life ends, it is human nature for us to grieve its loss. We rely on memories and mementos to keep the person alive in our hearts. A Fairytale such as The Pilgrimage becomes the legacy that our dearly departed leaves behind. A sacred book. A reminder that their life was exceptional and deserves to be immortalised in a Fairytale.

* Size: A4 vertical
* Number of pages: 80 pages
* Number of words: 6,000
* Cover material: Specially-patented faux leather, hard-back cover, embossed text.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Vertical; Plexiglas


Theme: Heritage/Ancestry

Language: Arabic

What: A story about a 76-year-old woman named Hend. Her memories of a life gone by. Flashbacks to the days when she was still a young girl with all her life ahead of her. Recollections of the lives of her parents and grandparents. Tales of little fishing harbours and life before electricity. Nearly eight decades of history packed into 180 pages. Eight decades of life, of hopes and dreams; eight decades of heritage, retold with love and patience, for her granddaughter on her 16th birthday.

Why: Your story has more weight that you think it does. Your story deserves longevity. It deserves to be told. To be passed on to the next generations. To be celebrated over the centuries as one of the earliest accounts of your family’s history. And it all begins here. With your story.

* Size: 30cmx30cm square
* Number of pages: 180 pages
* Number of words: 13,000
* Cover material: Soft foam on hard-back cover.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Horizontal; Plexiglas

La Saint-Valentin de Ruby

Theme: Occasions/Celebrations/Valentine’s Day

Language: French

What: When a husband and wife from two corners of the world, get together to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a family of three, the result is a breath-taking look at love from the eyes of a world without borders.

Why: Because some of our fondest memories lasted only moments. Moments that deserve longevity. A Valentine’s story to be told generation after generation.

* Size: A4 Vertical
* Number of pages: 40 pages
* Number of words: 3,000
* Cover: Hard-Back standard cover.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: None
* Add-On: Re-writing in French

A Precious Stone

Theme: Birth Story

What: A magical birth story that begins with the story of a stone, and ends with the birth of a child. The entire book is done in shades of sepia, with white spaces: Symbolic of the union between the child’s middle name Stone, and the purity of a birth.

Why: There are moments we will want to hold onto for ever. The first hello. The first ‘I love you’. The first breath… Unfortunately, memory fades. While we will always remember the big picture, the finer details fail us. A birth Fairytale helps clients dig into the reservoir of their memory. To transform freely and safely their deepest feelings into words. To be reminded that life is a miracle.

* Size: A5 vertical
* Number of pages: 100 pages
* Number of words: 8,000
* Cover: 3-D, hand-sculpted and designed with a specially-patented material for longevity.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A5 size; Vertical; Plexiglas

When Worlds Collide 

Theme: Inter-racial Wedding

What: An Indian girl and an Irish boy create a bespoke, unique wedding ritual: a grand multi-cultural affair where the groom wore a sherwani and the guests toasted with pints of Guinness.

Why: Every story deserves to be told. Lest it lay forgotten in the sands of time. A cross-cultural, sweeping love story such as When Worlds Collide will someday provide the foundation for the couple’s future generations.  It will stand the test of time as proof of a love that overcame borders and barriers to unite two worlds and create a whole new one in the process.

* Size: A4 horizontal
* Number of pages: 150 pages
* Number of words: 6,500
* Cover: Fabric cover over 3mm hard kappa board
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Horizontal; Plexiglass

A Little Bit of Sunshine, A Little Bit of Moonlight

(Created as a Comic Book)

Theme: Relationships

What: Detailing the relationship between two siblings, A Little Bit of Sunshine, A Little Bit of Moonlight is the world’s first comic-book coffee-table novel.

Why: Some memories are colourful. And some people artistic. To create a legacy that speaks volumes about your character comes the world’s first comic book Fairytale. Each book is written, designed and laid out as a Fairytale. The next part is pure magic. We take every single image, text frame and background and lovingly convert it into comic book style.

* Size: A5 vertical
* Number of pages: 60 pages
* Number of words: 4,000
* Cover material: Soft cover, recycled paper, die-cut with a fold-over.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A5 size; Vertical; Plexiglas

Anchors Away… It’s Alex-Skye’s First Birthday

Theme: Birthday

What: When little Alex-Skye turned one, it was a moment to cherish. This was the baby boy his parents had waited so long for. A miracle boy; conceived under an open sky; a prayer sent out to the universe; born on the Feast of Kings. A boy with a love for all of nature’s elements. His first birthday party was unlike any other. With a nautical theme surrounding him, this one-year-old’s birthday party has been immortalised as a Fairytale.

Why: There are moments in life that will never come again. A birth. A first birthday. A sweet 16 party. A graduation. While the memory may last in our lifetime, the details may soon be forgotten. The colour of the cake; the little give-aways you worked so hard over; decoration you spent months on; the smile of your child as he cut his first cake… Freeze these moments in eternity with a Fairytale. A memory for you. A memory for your loved ones as they grow. A memory for their future generations. A moment of joy that will be celebrated through the centuries.

* Size: A4 vertical
* Number of pages: 60 pages
* Number of words: 3,500
* Cover material: Hard-back cover
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Vertical; Plexiglas

Ruby Creates Eternity

Theme: Love Story

What: A romantic Fairytale, detailing the coming together of a couple destined to spend eternity together. It’s the story of two lives, two cultures, beautifully enmeshed, forming a new whole. Ruby.

In Ruby Creates Eternity, Muby and Romain Astruc have laid bare their souls, creating a Fairytale for the world to read. A love story that deserves to be shared.

Why: Eternity within the pages of a book. It’s what we promise, and what we deliver. The opportunity to have your story told through the generations. Proof of your life.  A family legend that begins with the desire to record your life.

* Size: A4 horizontal
* Number of pages: 150 pages
* Number of words: 10,000
* Cover material: Soft foam over 3mm hard kappa board cover.
* Binding: Fine
* Altar: A4 size; Horizontal; Plexiglas

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