A bespoke Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ offers each owner an exquisitely bound hardback book with the number of pages to suit their choice and budget, including their story and as many photos as fit their layout and number of pages. A memory to last several generations.

We also have a multiple options in which we can help you enhance your Fairytale further. Choose what works best for you and contact us with your requirements.


Ruby & Sons offers special covers to enhance the visual of their Fairytale by Muby Astruc™: printed acrylic, wood, fabric and metal covers; high-end sculpted covers on wood, special artificial leather art (patented by Ruby & Sons’ supplier) and metal.

Hand-made binding 

Although Ruby & Sons offers a guarantee of 10 years for Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ bound via the technique of fine binding, we also offer our clients an option of a 50-year guarantee. Such a guarantee requires approximately 30 hours of our experienced bookbinders time, the use of the world’s best materials and a bookbinding procedure that crosses 30 steps: from the cutting/folding of the pages, through the marking and manual sewing of the signatures, to the finishing of the book-block, its headbands and the binding with the covers. It is a work of art; of skill, love and passion; and we are proud to offer that exceptional, millennium-old, service.


As a final touch, Ruby & Sons suggests the client take his Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ and treat it the way legendary books are treated. Honour it with a place atop a magnificent altar, handmade to precision by the finest craftsmen, of materials ranging from pure wood to glass; giving their sacred Fairytale the honour and prestige it rightly deserves.

Size and dimensions: Height: 1.4m (140cm); Width: 0.5m (50cm)

Available in: Wood (dark brown, brown, beige); Plexiglas (all colours. e.g. white, black, red, pink, blue, yellow, green, etc).


For those who wish to elevate their Fairytale to the highest status are our hand-made pedestals. A rightful place of honour for a book that deserves to be preserved through the sands of time.

A hand-crafted Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ pedestal can be made from either wood or Plexiglas.

Size and dimensions: 5cm larger than the size of your Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ book.


Each Fairytale will be packaged in a beautiful Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ monogrammed gift box, to help conserve the quality of your book for the future generations.

Photo prints 

If you like the retouched version of a particular image(s), we could have those images printed and framed for you. Another memory to pass on to the next generations.


Extra photographs

Over our standard layout – which showcases your most important photos, with an average of two photos per page – you can have extra pages at the end of your Fairytale, comprising of photo montages.


Photography session

Do you have no photos that you think are good enough to make the cover of your Fairytale? Would you like a professional photograph taken to put on the cover  – or inside pages – of your Fairytale? We work with some of the country’s top photographers, who could either organise your photoshoot in their studio, or come to your home to photograph you. Those photos will be given to you digitally along with your Fairytale.


Additional books

If you would like to give your Fairytale to family and friends, we can create as many additional copies of your book as you want. In the event that you have selected a high-end cover and wish to save costs on the books for friends/family, we can print the additional copies as a standard hardback.



Transcribing letters and other text/Sorting through and scanning hard copies of your old photos

Often our memories are made up of more than just our thoughts. If you have physical memories you would like to include into your book, such as old letters, cards, scripted speeches and notes, we would be happy to transcribe them and incorporate into your storyline. For photos that are not digital, we could go through your archives and collections to pick the ones that are relevant to your Fairytale and have them scanned for you.



Digital Version of your Fairytale by Muby Astruc™

If you so desire, you can have a digital version of your Fairytale. Yours for eternity.

Additional words

In the event that you feel the number of words we have planned for your Fairytale is not sufficient to cover the depth of your story, you can add any number of words you wish.

Additional pages

In the event you wish to have more pages than initially planned, you can add any number of pages.

Additional interviews

At the start of your journey with us, we discuss and agree upon a certain number of interview hours that should be sufficient for you and other contributors to tell your story. If, however, you feel that more needs to be added, you can always decide to have additional interviews.


Interviews with contributor(s); and number of contributors

Your Fairytale can be about one, two (for instance, a wedding), or more people (for instance, heritage and lineage stories). However, there may be occasions where, besides the main characters, you may want to ask other people to contribute to the story because they have been an important part of your life or the event detailed in your Fairytale. We can enhance your Fairytale with the inputs of your loves ones, friends or business partners.

Additional change of writer

If you have a problem with the writer/interviewer we have appointed for you; and only under the condition that a genuine reason is provided, we can appoint a replacement writer/interviewer for you, free of charge. If you have a problem with the second writer/interviewer and want to try a third one, we shall do our best to find you the most suitable writer.

Assistance for photo selection

We know that selecting and classifying photos  requires one to go through hundreds or thousands of images in order to make a final selection. That may be very confusing, time-consuming and perhaps even get in the way of completing your Fairytale. We will help you by doing most of the classification (with inputs from you), thanks to a proven methodology.

Additional reviews, assisted review and assistance for clarifications 

Our Philosophy is that having a story written by a stranger brings something exceptional, “un certain regard”, a new perspective that re-personalises you as the main character of a story that happens to be yours. Although you will be asked to clarify some doubts we may have, to give your approvals on the first words written and the general style of design (what we call a “Mood Board”) and to give your approvals on the final content (if there are errors or misplaced/misunderstood chain of events); you trust our expertise in writing your story and designing the book up from these initial approvals until the end.

That means that you elect us as the captain of your journey and that we lead the project, with you assisting us by approving, step-by-step, our directions and proposals. However, at any given time during the different stages and reviews (first words, style of design, entire story, entire designed book, covers), you can choose to take over the lead and have us assisting you rather than the other way around. We can make this possible and come to your place to review in detail whatever you wish.

Translation of text

Places in the world and can write your story in the language you want (available to date: Arabic, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Filipino, Spanish). However, you may want to have one Fairytale in a main language and have a translation done in another language.We can organise a translation made by a professional writer (not a literal translator).

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