Fairytales are all about the stories, the relationships, the lives, and the people who create them. We believe in our people. From team-members to clients and business partners, we believe in building strong, long-term relationships.

We welcome into our world the like-minded, the fun-loving, the emphatic, the sensitive, the bold, the creative, and those who believe in the magic of a story.

If you believe you fit into our mould, have a look at the vacancies we have available.

Envelope us with your creativity. Send in your resume, the work you hold close to your heart and your favourite saying.

If it resonates, you’ll hear from us.


Designers (Arabic and English)

Qualifications: Magazine, book and ad/poster design background. Your fingers work through Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, on automatic. The capacity to merge visuals and stories to create the big picture. The ability to create a design-led DPS in 30 minutes. Designers are encouraged to take initiative, plan their own schedule, attend interview sessions with the author and come up with layout and concept proposals. Capacity to handle design from concept to print-ready; co-ordinate with the printers, binders, and cover artists.

Applicants will be given a creativity test based on a storyline and photos.



Writers (Arabic and English)

Qualifications: Journalism, ghost-writing, script-writing and editorial research background. Arabic/English should be their mother-tongue. Arabic writers should also possess strong English-speaking skills. The writer should have the ability to draft a 5,000 word story in one working day, with minimal spelling and grammatical errors, from a two-hour interview session. Should possess the skill of observation and analysis in an artistic portrayal of the human condition. Complete mastery over the written word, establishing settings, messages, themes, style and emotions within a single paragraph or through an entire Fairytale.  Must possess a vivid imagination and be able to handle criticism. Needs to be comfortable interviewing VIPs. Should have strong research skills for stories about lineage and heritage. The candidate should have strong people skills, and the ability to put put clients at ease instantly. The selected candidate must be able and comfortable to work closely with the client, the designer and any other artist on board. We believe in giving our creative selves space, and as such a Fairytale by Muby Astruc writer must be able to work independently with originality, determination, discipline and a respect for deadlines.

Applicants will be asked to interview a “client” for 30 minutes and come up with a 1,000 word short story within two hours.


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