How does it work?

Step 1:  The written word

The first part of your Fairytale journey will begin with an in-depth interview(s). This is when Muby Astruc and her team of writers begin to weave their magic, instinctively understanding the facts, while experiencing the client’s feelings.

The result is a touching, page-turning story — not a set of quotes. The story does not remain a bland representation of a day-to-day reality, but instead, unabashedly flaunts the moments that turn the mundane into the magical; the everyday into the exceptional.

Step 2: Image retouching

A careful and professional selection, modification and organisation of the client’s photos is undertaken in order to compliment their beautifully etched-out story.

The marriage of the words and photos gives the Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ a depth that lacks in any photo album available on the market, both locally and internationally. Each image is lovingly worked upon, sometimes for hours on end. Colours pop, eyes sparkle, backgrounds blur away, leaving the focus on the expression of the subject.

From aesthetic touch-ups to reworking an image from scratch, each request of the client is fulfilled. Watch as your photos are transformed before your eyes: Whether you want an unwanted guest tastefully removed from the middle of a group photo, or just want to look the best version of yourself, we’ll cater to your every need.

After all, the perfect story deserves the perfect picture.

Step 3: Design

In order to bring an additional layer of depth and beauty that most text-only biographies lack, our team of designers offer high-end, design-led pages, based on moods and themes selected by the client.

The layouts are simultaneously merged into the storyline, creating the world’s first coffee-table-novel.

Thinking about leaving behind a legacy for your loved ones?

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