Muby Astruc’s Story

Muby Astruc is a writer, entrepreneur, author, consultant, designer, counsellor, editor, poet, script-writer, business woman and model.

Hers is the belief that words and photos are a marriage made in heaven. Each seems incomplete without the other. It is this relationship of the visual and the intellectual that she brings to the table with all she does.

Muby Astruc also writes scripts for commercials and events, including both b2b and b2c. As an author, she has written books for clients around the world, on themes ranging from memoirs and biographies to end-of-life stories, relationships, births and weddings.

As co-founder of Ruby & Sons, the company behind the brand Fairytale by Muby Astruc™, she has created a first-of-its-kind product: personalised coffee-table-novels. Books based on an individual’s life, with their memories and their photographs. Uniting the best of novels, biographies and photo journals, a Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ is a rare gem, created for those who believe in the magic of life.

Born and brought up in Dubai, Muby Astruc has spent nearly three decades as a much-loved, well-read journalist in the UAE’s number one publishing company: the reputed Al Nisr Publishing and Media, the owners and creators of Gulf News. She had, therefore, the chance to develop her skills from the young age of 11, when she began her career as a journalist for the UAE’s two leading newspapers: Gulf News and Khaleej Times. From interviewing underprivileged people, to celebrities and very important personalities, she learned to capture, analyse, select and retell their stories in a way few ever could. As many qualified writers, she was reading and writing stories from the age of two, and has since never stopped. The result is a unique style of writing; a voice, a tone, that is hers and hers alone: soft but sharp; deep yet clear; communicative while entertaining.

Muby Astruc has been selected amongst the 100 Most Beautiful Women in the world, by the US organisation, the Newlist Project. Her beauty, as well as her role in empowering and giving a voice to those who need it most, made the US organisation proud to feature her on their list.

She has also spent the last 10 years studying psychology and human behaviour, using this learning on a daily basis towards writing well-formed, deep stories for her clients. She understands both instinctively, and through learned knowledge, how to best capture the deepest feelings, philosophies, problems and personalities of her clients, in order to use her words to create magic on paper.

Her books inspire readers to become the best version of themselves, in order to regain the magic Muby Astruc captured in their book. Muby’s own fairy tale is that she was given the gift to turn people’s seemingly everyday lives into moments of magic. Her words create a revolution in the minds of her clients. They remind people of a time when life was rose-tinted and everything was possible. Most importantly, Muby Astruc’s clients walk away grounded in the realm of happily-ever-after.