Our story

Like the world’s greatest fairy tales, ours was formed with a blank sheet of paper and a single word.


We believe in the magic of creation. In shaping eternity out of a blank canvas.

We believe in the magic of words. Their weight; their ability to transform lives, minds and souls.

We believe in the magic of a story. The laughter, the tears, the fear, the hope, the life that was spent creating it.

Perhaps, most importantly, we believe in the magic of life. That life, with all its ups and downs, deserves to be celebrated. To be documented. To be preserved.

Our philosophy eventually blossomed into a business.

On March 1, 2014, Ruby & Sons was created, owned and imagined by Muby Astruc; named after its founding family: Muby Astruc, and her husband Romain Astruc and sons Alexander-Skye and Tristan-Stone who all played an important role in coming up with the concept.

At Ruby & Sons, we put our faith in the weight of words. In the long-standing belief that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. That wars can be won and hearts aligned with the power of a single word.

We have taken that belief and based our business around it, offering our clients the experience of the perfect word.

We began with a concept that’s a world’s-first. A personalised book. A story about you. In the form of a novel. In the form of a photo-book. In the form of a scrap book. In the form of a coffee-table book. We took all those forms and merged them, to create the first ever coffee-table-novel. A charming, magical story that captures the magic of you. Your own fairy dust to take into eternity. Your own fairy tale. We call it a Fairytale by Muby Astruc™.

It’s your slice of immortality. Your story. Your legacy. To pass on from generation to generation. It’s our honor to help you create that immortality.

As word of our bespoke Fairytales spread, we celebrated the words that built our brand.

The seed had taken root. The first page of our blank book had been filled in. It was time to expand and take the concept to a commercial level.

Muby Astruc’s words were working their way into the lives of people. Writing their personal stories wasn’t enough. People wanted her words for their business stories  too.

On 11.11 of the year 2014, Ruby & Sons expanded onto the corporate scene. Muby Astruc’s words were now being used by the corporate world. From editorial consultancies, to magazine conceptualisations, design make-overs, television scripts, speeches for award shows and editing books for new and upcoming authors, the power of the written word spread. Our clientele grew on an almost daily basis, with companies ranging from airports to technology and IT institutions wanting Muby Astruc’s words to guide their brand.

Today, we are growing in leaps and bounds. A giant leap that began with a single word.