What is it worth?

Ultimately, each Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ is worth what you believe it is. It would be unfair to put a price on one’s life. Instead, we put a price on the work involved. In the hours spent interviewing, writing, designing and producing a book of the highest calibre possible. We charge for the number of words, the number of pages, the quality of the covers and the bookbinding…

But your life, that’s priceless.

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A Story to Last all of Eternity

Sometimes life gets busy. We don’t have enough time. Sometimes, some stories are best left untold. Others, deserve a large audience. Sometimes history gets lost. And we need to find it again. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, time doesn’t give us the luxury of eternity.

A Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ does.

A lifetime of memories. A lifetime of stories. A lifetime of you. Recorded. Saved. Eternity in the palm of your hands. Because sometimes, there’s nothing more powerful, more eternal, than the oldest of all methods of memory-keeping: The Word. The Book. Your Book.

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Whether your story is long or short; complicated or simple; about a lifetime or a moment; we have the answers to your needs. A Project Manager will be assigned to you to handle all your requirements and hold your hand through every step of the journey. Each book will be completely personalised. We can guarantee you a Fairytale so bespoke that no-one else in the world will have anything quite like it.

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