Questions about reviewing your Fairytale by Muby Astruc™

How can I review the Fairytale and make changes (if necessary)?

You will be sent your Fairytale for a review and approval to move forward will require your input. When we complete your Fairytale, we will send you a pdf for your review. You can then review your book and email us if there are any factual errors that need to be corrected or points to be implemented into the storyline. We will discuss the changes with you and update the Fairytale accordingly. Following the first set of changes, you will be sent your Fairytale for a final check before it goes for printing. The first review is free of cost. Any further changes and corrections/additions following that, will be charged.

How do you charge for editorial/photography/design revisions?

The price of your Fairytale includes the entire editorial, photography and design plus one revision (if necessary) at no additional charge. Any further changes and corrections/additions following that, will be charged at an hourly rate of AED350 per hour of work required.

Do you use templates or design formats?

Never. Every Fairytale begins its life as a blank canvas.  Every finished page is unique.

I've seen layouts in other Fairytales that I really like. Can you do ours like that?

We work to give you the most perfect version of your story. If there is a pre-existing layout or method that you are keen to have in your Fairytale, we would be happy to incorporate that into your book.

What sort of photos can I submit? Are photos taken from my mobile acceptable?

We tend to work mainly with high-resolution images so as to ensure that your photos don’t crack or pixelate upon print. If however, all you have are low-resolution, digital images then we would modify your layout to use smaller and fewer images per page. If all you have are actual prints of photographs, we would scan them for you at the best resolution possible at an average of one photograph per page of your Fairytale. Additional photos would be charged at Dh2 per photo.

How should we organise the image files?

Files should be labelled with the name of the person in the image and the year or occasion (when relevant). This is to ensure that none of the important people in your story are mistaken for someone else.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, cash payments or bank transfers.

Must we pay in advance?

Yes. We ask for approximately half of the total amount once the contract has been signed, and the remainder throughout the process and upon handover of your Fairytale by Muby Astruc™.

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