“Muby Astruc takes the stuff of everyday life and turns it into an art form: Literature. In a few pages, with powerfully depicted words, Muby Astruc brings to life my 60 years on earth and my most revered relationship with my father. Muby Astruc has put into words what my heart wished to say and I’m sure her powerful Fairytale, The Pilgrimage, will stay on over generations as a prized possession in my family.

This book is the true story of my father and his zest for life, his love, his caring, his generosity and his patience till the end; but Muby Astruc’s captivating creation has moved this book into the realm of a Fairytale. She has brilliantly maintained all my narrative and added what I implied between the lines. While her book talks about my life, yet it’s like a revelation to me: such is the power of her bold words.

“To me, the book’s appeal is the marvelous and flawless weaving of the magic carpet of my life. She has maintained the perfect balance between a tragic event and the celebration of my father’s life.

‘Letting go’ is the underlying theme and such is Muby Astruc’s skill as an author that I have read this book five times in as many months. It has a lyrical power that is deeply moving and extremely satisfying to my inner being and makes me want to hold on to the book even after the last word has been read.

Thank you Muby Astruc. Your Fairytale has added another dimension to my life and made it even more beautiful.”
Dolly Goriawala
Star International School

“We received our Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ as a present for our first wedding anniversary; and it was so wonderfully apt! It was a Fairytale about our wedding day. As we turned each page of the book, our story became real again. It was all perfectly captured… Our personal story, leading up to the day of our wedding. Muby Astruc understood and wrote so magically about our favourite moments, the ones that made us laugh and cry… All the memories came flooding back when we opened our Fairytale. Memories that, over time, would have surely faded away. Now we have this beautiful keepsake. Almost like a little time capsule! So much better than just a wedding photo album. Thank you Muby Astruc for preserving our memories.”
Barry Judge and Aditi Daga
General Manager, Dubizzle; and his wife