What are Fairy Tales?

A fairy tale has received various definitions over the centuries. The most common being: A short and inspiring story that involves idealised characters, seems magical and ends on a positive note.

A Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ only adjusts that definition slightly, by defining the term “magical” not as “supernatural”, but as “dreamlike”, therefore turning a mythical fairy tale into an essential part of every human being’s reality.

Life often gives us experiences which can best be described as “dreams come true”. These experiences may often include the occasional obstacle or difficulty, but always comes with a happy ending, provided we understand where to put the full stop, and under which angle to view the majesticity of life. This belief is the core and the origin of a Fairytale by Muby Astruc™. From that root stems the next belief.

In order to achieve immortality, our fairy tale must be recorded and documented. Otherwise, our story will remain a secret; a personal legend. A myth that’s ours and ours alone. A story that will one day fade away, as memories eventually do.

A Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ applies these beliefs to each client; turning their life into a fairy tale. Magical. Inspiring. Beautiful. Dreamlike.

A story that begins, as all stories do, with a “Once Upon A Time”, and ends with a “Happily Ever After”.

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